D. Mark Manley: Teaching Activities

Weekly Schedule
Courses Taught at Kent State University
Number Title Number Title
PHY 21430 Frontiers in Astronomy PHY 6/75101 Classical Mechanics
PHY 23101 General University Physics I PHY 6/75203 Classical Electrodynamics I
PHY 23102 General University Physics II PHY 6/75204 Classical Electrodynamics II
PHY 36001 Introductory Modern Physics PHY 6/76162 Quantum Mechanics II
PHY 4/54802 Astrophysics PHY 6/76201 Particle Physics
PHY 4/56101 Quantum Mechanics PHY 6/76302 Nuclear Physics
PHY 4/56301 Introduction to Nuclear Physics

Questions about homework or class discussion? Send e-mail to manley@kent.edu.

    Fall 2015
    Classical Electrodynamics II
    PHY 6/75204
* Syllabus

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Last updated on July 10, 2015.