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Our Pre-Engineering Program offers a pedagogically effective path towards a career in Engineering.
Pre-Engineering is ideal for a student whose primary intention is to be an engineer but who wishes to keep open the alternative option to earn a BS degree in Physics, Math, Chemistry, Computer Science, etc.
An Ohio resident aiming to graduate either from an engineering school at a private university or from an out-of-state public school can save significantly on tuition and other expenses.
A Pre-Engineering Program offers students a "second chance" to gain admission to an engineering school or program that may have highly selective admission standards. Some students reach their full academic potential only after a year or two of college.
A student who enrolls in our Pre-Engineering Program need not graduate at a later date than a student who goes directly to an engineering school. Of course, proper advising and choice of courses is key to making optimum progress towards completion of any degree program. Ideally, pre-engineers should identify one or two "target" programs at specific engineering schools, and should tailor their course schedules according to the specifics of those target programs.
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