Margetis, Spyridon (Spiros)


Office: 304 Smith Hall

330-672-9739 (FAX: 2959)
smargeti "at"

Dr. Margetis joined the faculty at KSU in 1997.

Research Interests:
Experimental Nuclear Physics.
Ultra Relativistic Heavy Ion Interactions at accelerators like CERN-SPS, BNL-RHIC and CERN-LHC.
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Web site of current/recent courses:
Particle Physics (Graduate) Spring-2016
Frontiers in Astronomy (Intro-Undergraduate) Spring-2016
Seven Ideas that Shook the Universe (Intro-Undergraduate [HONORS]) Fall-2014
Quantum Mechanics-I (Graduate) Fall-2011

Undergraduate classes include: University Physics I, 7-Ideas, E-M, Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy

Graduate classes include: Particle Physics, Math Methods, Quantum Mechanics-I

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Theses directed ( + pdf copies): PhD/Honors Theses

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