BRAG Working Groups

BRAG Working Groups

Chair: Cornelius Bennhold

Established to study the extraction and interpretation of resonance parameters within different approaches. Important questions addressed are: How must one separate background from resonance contributions? How do we compare extracted resonance parameters with quark model results? What minimum theoretical requirements should different approaches include?

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Chair: Ron Workman

Established to study the model-dependence of partial-wave (multipole) analyses of data associated with the N* program. The ultimate goal is a set of PWA which are as model-independent as possible. An associated issue is the choice of an optimum set of experiments necessary to achieve this goal.

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* SAID Partial-Wave Analysis Facility
* MAID Partial-Wave Analysis Facility
* Benchmark Data/Analyses for Pion Photoproduction on the Proton

Chair: Igor Strakovsky

Established to explore and advance database issues related to N* physics. The ideal BRAG database would be one containing all experimental data below W = 3 GeV and Q2 = 5 GeV2 using electromagnetic (photon and electron) with hadron (pion, kaon, and proton) probes with hydrogen and deuterium targets. Building upon the current SAID site at GW (with about 200k data: pion photo- and electroproduction; eta and kaon photoproduction; piN-->piN, 2piN; K±N; NN-->NN, pid-->pid, pp) a new four-year project with the objective of creating a new web-based database and information management system, called iSAID, is under construction.

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