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Diversity in our department

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We are proud of the several statistical measures (detailed below) that illustrate how our department offers a welcoming and nurturing environment for both women and minorities.

Out of a total of 19 regular tenured/tenure-track physics faculty members on the Kent campus, we have four women professors (all tenured) — a 21% level of representation.
While the graph opposite (from the Statistical Research Center of the American Institute of Physics) illustrates that about 10% of US PhD-granting departments (21 institutions) have four or more women on their faculty, most of these departments are much larger than ours. Based on AY 04/05 listings of regular faculty at these 21 universities, it is found that only four other physics departments have women represented at close to the 20% level.

Furthermore, ours is one of only ten physics departments in the United States where AIP reports that 25% or more of the PhD recipients during 1999-2003 were women.

We are the # 6 physics department nationwide in terms of our total number of African-American PhD graduates, based on data collected by the National Science Foundation over the period 1973 - 1999. The top 5, in rank order, are Stanford, Howard, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Alabama A&M. Again, we are much smaller than Stanford, MIT and Berkeley, so a ranking based on minority PhDs per faculty would likely move us even higher.
Winter Break: Dec 08 / Jan 09: There is now an update of our ranking for African-American PhD graduates.

Congratulations to our PhD Physics Alumnus Prof. Joe Whitehead

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