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Announcements for 2005

Link to explanatory website Research News: In a ranking of physics news stories compiled by the American Institute of Physics (AIP), the top physics story for 2005 was the discovery at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider of new evidence for a liquid-like state of strongly-interacting quarks and gluons — a major milestone in the quest for definitive proof of the existence of Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP). Faculty and staff who are co-discoverers of this evidence are Profs. Bryon Anderson, George Fai, Declan Keane, Spiros Margetis, John Watson + Drs. Mikhail Kopytine, Christina Markert & Wei-Ming Zhang, with much of the KSU work being done by current graduate students John Amonett, Camelia Mironov, Chandra Nepali, Naresh Subba & Gang Wang. Results that first appeared in the dissertation of our 2002 PhD graduate Aihong Tang are considered among the more compelling pieces of evidence that support the QGP picture, and have been prominently featured in summaries of the discovery.

Prof. Krauss (.pdf file) To mark the World Year of Physics (2005), KSU hosted a special public lecture on November 29. The speaker was Dr. Lawrence Krauss, and his title was
Einstein's Biggest Blunder: A Cosmic Mystery Story.
Click on the image for the full announcement, or see the Daily Kent Stater story from Nov 30.

Congratulations to.....
undergraduate students Violeta Beleva, Stephen Daigle, Nathan Hudson, Kelly Hufford, Jeremy Nally, Lewis Sharpnack, Robert Tandy, and Amanda Yoho, all recipients of various awards for 2005 (see link for details and photos).
Dr. Almut Schroeder on being tenured and promoted to Associate Professor, and to Dr. Carmen Almasan, on being promoted to full Professor, both effective from AY 05/06.
Dr. Wei-Ming Zhang on being chosen for an IBM-sponsored award for the best project in the category Data Management on Distributed Systems and Grids at the 2005 International Supercomputer Conference.

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