Madey, Richard

Research Professor and University Professor Emeritus
Past Physics Chair (1971 - 1983)

CEBAF, 12000 Jefferson Ave., Newport News, VA 23606
804-249-7323 (FAX: 7559)

Research Interests:

My current research interests and activities revolve primarily around the electromagnetic structure of the nucleon; more specifically, I am spokesman for experiments to probe the charge and current distributions within the neutron at Jefferson Lab and at the MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center. Accurate knowledge of the neutron electric and magnetic form factors is essential to understanding the structure of matter. These form factors are fundamental quantities needed for detailed microscopic calculations of electromagnetic nuclear structure functions, for testing evolving constituent quark models of particle structure, and for extraction of strangeness form factors from parity violating (e,e') experiments. Current knowledge of neutron form factors, particularly the electric form factor, is insufficient to meet these needs.

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